Springtime in Katherine Northern Territory

Posted: 8 September 2017

What to do now the weather has heated up in Northern Territory

Summer Weather creates so many opportunities for your visit to Katherine

Spring is here and arriving with it is the hot weather. Now we don’t get a spring flush like our southern cousins but the hot dry brings with it another beauty altogether. The pale blue skies are an amazing backdrop for the stately white gum poplars and their dark green leaves. As some shrubs shed their leaves to conserve moisture then they have a magnificent show of colored flowers as if to say “You can’t get me”.

Fear not the hot weather if still haven’t been to Katherine NT yet. This opens up your northern adventures of so much more. The crowds have gone away from the camp grounds, accommodation is readily available and the traffic is less. You get to see things on your terms.

Swimming in Tranquil pools

It will make that dip in the pools at Edith Falls so much more refreshing. More space in the tranquil Katherine Hot Springs, which aren’t HOT, they are TEPID – Delightful. You will have Nitmiluk Gorge to yourself. Magical morning and delightful evening cruises. Rise early and take some of the walks along the escarpment when all the wildlife are out and about. Take a stroll along the banks of the majestic Katherine River and imagine what it will look like during wet season when it swells to the tops of its banks and beyond.


During the day while it is at it’s hottest, relax in your comfortable air-conditioned rooms at the Beagle Motor Inn or splash in the newly renovated swimming pool which has a shade sail over it for sun protection.

You could go to the cinema or have a delicious lunch in the cool at either Katherine Country Club or Katherine Club.

Attractions still open

Until the end of October when most attractions close, Tom and Annabelle at Katherine Outback Experience have a show that starts late in the afternoon. Marksie’s Camp Tucker night is an amazing gourmet experience under the stars.The very interesting Top Didj Cultural Experience is out of the sun under the shady trees. Go shopping in the main street and be sure to pop in to The Sweetest Things cake shop, Top Saddlery & Bush Boutique just to name a few of the great shops in the main street.

So you need to plan to stay at least 3 nights so you do all these amazing experiences early and late and relax during the heat of the day.

Summer Storms

Of course anytime from October on we have the chance of early storms with those amazing light shows but generally the wet season starts December to January. Now that will be another story.